Hi !

I am Turshija, and I am a 22 year old developer/geek from Serbia!
ohai :)

I'm awesome !

My real name is Boris Vujičić, and I'm located somewhere in Novi Sad, Serbia.
I work as a web developer/support at KGB Hosting, and I like computers, phones, cats, food, beer, stockpiling funny pictures, favoriting funny YouTube videos, solving puzzles, recursions, learning new stuff, experimenting with new features ...

Uber l33t

My main skill is developing back-end, stable, fast, scalable, high traffic and functional websites and applications using PHP.
Other than that, I also do front-end JavaScript (and back-end with node.js!)

I also like solving problems which require using math, logic, brain and common sense !



Here is the list of my major projects:


MILF AntiReklama


KGB Game Panel

MILF Image Hosting

FD Srbija

Fast Type game

KGB Site + Panel


Feel free to contact me at any time, I am always open for chat.

[email protected]